Welcome to Durgi

Durgi SBI IFSC code SBIN0005641

Durgi stone crarft is Land mark to our area.

Un-official news from APSRTC

All buses diverting via PDRL, DCPL, and MGL to Hyderabad Instead of Karampudi, Durgi, MCL to Hyderabad Already A/C buses are running in diverted route (PDRL, DCPL, and MGL to Hyd) Due to No proper revenue to APSRTC buses of Nellore region (OGL, NLR, KDKR, KNK etc….,) diverting buses via PDRL, DCPL, and MGL to Hyderabad

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2012 Sankranthi Festival Pics

For more Pics check the website every couple of Days

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2012 Festival 14-01-2012 Bhogi Festival

Before Drama Stage preparation

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2012 Bhogi Rangoli

Bhogi Durgi Village citizens Rangoli

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